About Us

We are ATP STEM, a team of educators who will guide you to success in competitive examinations like IIT- JEE, NEET, Foundation, and Advance Placement (AP).

We do this through our top-flight instructors and specialised educational content. ATP STEM instructors are special in that they have themselves aced these competitive exams, and so are uniquely placed to guide students. They deliver the best that any coaching institute in Dubai can provide. Our content includes exercises, tests, and guidance, which helps aspiring students tackle the length and complexity of competitive exams.

Power-packed coaching unit

We are IITians with stellar ranks in medicine and engineering entrance examinations 

Proven track-record

ATP STEM students have secured admissions into prestigious Indian and Ivy League universities


Online and in-person classes for ease of attendance and convenience for students and parents

Recorded lectures

Easy catch up after an absence, or revision for improving clarity, with our recorded lectures 

Personalized feedback

Coaches discuss test results with each individual student to accelerate learning and growth

One-on-one sessions

We offer personal coaching using special learning materials to promote higher-order thinking

Our Values

The organisational values of ATP STEM, which are listed below, come from founder-director, Atinderpal Singh. They are shared by the hand-picked teachers who joined this journey of educational empowerment, and are amplified through daily practice.

Our Offerings 

  • Electronic learning materials for mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry
  • Assignments and take-home exams to monitor students’ progress in the curriculum 
  • Weekly assessments and mock tests for entrance and board examinations
  • After-hours Zoom sessions for additional assistance for students to clarify doubts.
  • Free student counselling sessions for higher education by knowledgeable coaches
  • Face-to-face and telephonic PTA meetings to update parents on the progress of pupils


Student focus

At our coaching classes in Dubai, we believe that everyone is unique. Accordingly, our trainers use their capability, flexibility, and tools to tailor content to individual students. While being one of the top coaching centres in Dubai, ATP STEM also offers scholarships to deserving students based on their performance in our diagnostic tests.

Quality instruction

We deliver pedagogically and developmentally sound instruction, designed to first develop aspirants into successful exam-takers and then into productive citizens. Quality guidance is what made us the best among the entrance coaching centres in the UAE. It is our pride and joy to enable students to become top scorers by imparting quality instruction.


Our adaptive classroom, one of few in existence, which is used for our entrance coaching centres in Dubai, is in sync with the major EdTech advances in the world. Our Smart Classes make students enthusiastic and responsive learners by using a simulated classroom environment, and help them stay engaged.

Our Courses

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