Team Details
Team Details
alt="Shivansh Gaur"

Shivansh Gaur

8 years of experience

Director - NEET & Head of Social Media Strategy

99.61 Percentile in IIT JAM

  • M.Sc. Biotechnology from CSJM university Kanpur
  • Plus-educator on Unacademy, more than15 live classes, more than 42k watch minutes with average class rating of 94%.
  • 99.61 percentile in IIT JAM 2017.
  • Best city-wide NEET ranks at Sparks academy from 2017 to 2020.
  • Author of an upcoming book on 10 ICSE Biology by Invincible publication New Delhi.


Krebs Cycle | TCA Cycle | Citric Acid Cycle

  • NEET Examination Preparation For CBSE Students

  • Shivansh Gaur

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